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Monday, October 11, 2010

Character Interview...

okay so i thought it would be fun to interview a character...just to get a feel for the books protag (or another important character..)

LUCE from Torment by Lauren Kate
so Luce...

tell me, whats a normal day for you?
well, aside from dodging evil forces and trying to find out about my past lives-

im sorry, did you say lives? with an s?!
yes, im a reincarnation of, well, me...i know. its confusing.

anyway, aside from all that, i also have to find time to speak to love-of-my-life Daniel.

and just to clarify, because i know us readers are dying to there really this deep connection with Daniel? and is he really all good? because how i understand it is that he is a fallen angel.
well yes from the moment i saw Daniel i felt like we had a history...i just never imagined how long and complex that history was! and yes he is fallen, and only now is that starting to show...

okay, so now on to some easier questions. Favourite colour?
well i guess you could say black, because thats the colour i've been wearing practically every day. buuut i do like to wear pretty dresses occasionaly!

and do you have a motto you follow?
well Shelby and I did become in the habit of re-doing our hair every time we need to start fresh...right now mines blonde instead of black..that should give you a clue of what my life is like right now!

and at shoreline, which is the name of your new school, who are your friends?
well its a school for nephilim-the offspring of angels and humans- so i was pretty nervous what with me being all human and all. but apparently im a bit famous here, so i made some friends pretty quickly. but then theres Shelby, who im really close to but who hated me at first...

and can you give us an idea of what your next book, Passion, will be about?
well all i can say is that time and space wont matter, and that im gonna have to confront some complex stuff...

well, thanks for that Luce! And i hoped you liked the Character Interview!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Torment by Lauren Kate

so this is the second book in the Fallen series, and i would suggest you only read the review if you've read  Fallen.

Torment takes place right where Fallen left off. An 18 day truce has been called between the angels and demons-in particular Cam and Daniel- so that Luce may be protected from all those who would harm or kill her for their own advantage. The problem is, Luce has no idea why anyone would want to hurt, let alone kill her. Sent away to a new school filled with Nephilim, the angelic children of angels and mortals, Luce tries to uncover the secrets that Daniel refuses to tell her about, the mysteries that remain unknown, and the dangers that Luce is only beginning to realise.

And speaking of Daniel, whats with him anyway? All the secrecy is really starting to make Luce feel in the dark and alone. Imean sure, its all for own good, she gets that, but a girls got to have some independence, right? And who's to say she wouldn't be able to handle the truth about their past- whatever that is. Because Luce is beginning to get the feeling that everything Daniel told her isn't entirely true. What if their love isn't everlasting? Daniel is her past, but is he her future?

In this book Luce really begins to become her own  independent person. She learns more about her past and struggles with the boundaries of her knowledge about her relationship with Daniel. In her new school she is a bit of a celebrity, what with her epic love life that, ironically, she knows hardly anything about. I loved Torment because it was slow yet full of drama, and because i really got to understand Luce better. It introduces a whole new and fantastic cast of characters that i grew to love, and also some of the old ones made an appearance. I found Luce's reactions to things understandable and believable, and i enjoyed watching her, and her understanding of the past, grow. So read this book, but be sure to watch out for the ending- it has a killer cliffhanger!

4 stars

Friday, October 1, 2010


so if anyone reading this is half as obsessed with the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy as i am then im guessing your going a little crazy seeing this new cover! isnt it pretty?

so if anyone wants it theres more information at Maggie's website:

Raised By Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

so this is my first blog, which im pretty sure no one will read for a while, but aw well you’ve got to start somewhere, right? so without further ado I’ll jump right into my first book review and hopefully anyone who stumbles across it will like what they see!

Bryn, (or, when in trouble, Bronwyn Alessia St. Vincent Clare) is a fifteen year old girl who, you guessed it, was raised by wolves. Or more precisely, she was raised by werewolves. After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents when she was only 4 years old Bryn was taken under the wing of Callum, the all-powerful alpha of the Stone River Pack. His mark on her is a constant reminder of his dominance, and although she views Callum as a father figure, Bryn is under no illusions that she is a completely free girl, and always pushes against the restraints that pack life forces on her.

When the weres around her start to act suspiciously protective and secretive Bryn knows something is up, but decides to play good-girl for her family. Soon, however, her curious and rebellious nature wins out and she discovers something truly dreadful, another were is living caged in Callum’s basement. Chase is the mysterious teenage bad-boy who isn’t yet fully in control of his inner wolf, and who Bryn just can’t help feeling a connection to. But he shouldnt exist. See, were’s are born the way they are, through genetics, and in their society where females are scarce and the alpha is to be obeyed, new human-turned-weres are incredibly rare. And then chase says the words that will change Bryn’s life forever: I got bit. With just these three little words Bryn’s life as she knows it goes spiraling out of control. A were can’t be made. It should be impossible for someone to survive an attack that vicious. And yet the evidence is staring back at her through the bars of the cage.

 After this first encounter Bryn is determined to know more, to see Chase again at all costs, even if doing so means she has to renounce whatever independence she was able to scrape by on within the pack. Little does she know that doing so will open up all sorts of other mysteries, leading her to question who and what she can really trust, and putting her and her friends in danger. Bryn is a survivor, but will she be able to survive the truth?

Raised by wolves was one of those books that stayed with me long after I finished reading it, and i really can’t wait for its sequel, Trial by fire, which will be released next year. It is one of those books that is not cliché, and yet will still satisfy any other werewolf fans out there like myself. Barnes’ writing is very powerful and has that raw and honest edge that captures its readers from the first page. The characters feel real and stay true to themselves, and I definitely fell in love with Chase, Bryn, Dev and Lake. It was a book that at first I was a little reluctant to pick up, but that went beyond my imaginings and into the realms of the freakin-fantastic, with some nice twists along the way.

41/2 stars