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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Torment by Lauren Kate

so this is the second book in the Fallen series, and i would suggest you only read the review if you've read  Fallen.

Torment takes place right where Fallen left off. An 18 day truce has been called between the angels and demons-in particular Cam and Daniel- so that Luce may be protected from all those who would harm or kill her for their own advantage. The problem is, Luce has no idea why anyone would want to hurt, let alone kill her. Sent away to a new school filled with Nephilim, the angelic children of angels and mortals, Luce tries to uncover the secrets that Daniel refuses to tell her about, the mysteries that remain unknown, and the dangers that Luce is only beginning to realise.

And speaking of Daniel, whats with him anyway? All the secrecy is really starting to make Luce feel in the dark and alone. Imean sure, its all for own good, she gets that, but a girls got to have some independence, right? And who's to say she wouldn't be able to handle the truth about their past- whatever that is. Because Luce is beginning to get the feeling that everything Daniel told her isn't entirely true. What if their love isn't everlasting? Daniel is her past, but is he her future?

In this book Luce really begins to become her own  independent person. She learns more about her past and struggles with the boundaries of her knowledge about her relationship with Daniel. In her new school she is a bit of a celebrity, what with her epic love life that, ironically, she knows hardly anything about. I loved Torment because it was slow yet full of drama, and because i really got to understand Luce better. It introduces a whole new and fantastic cast of characters that i grew to love, and also some of the old ones made an appearance. I found Luce's reactions to things understandable and believable, and i enjoyed watching her, and her understanding of the past, grow. So read this book, but be sure to watch out for the ending- it has a killer cliffhanger!

4 stars

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