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Monday, October 11, 2010

Character Interview...

okay so i thought it would be fun to interview a character...just to get a feel for the books protag (or another important character..)

LUCE from Torment by Lauren Kate
so Luce...

tell me, whats a normal day for you?
well, aside from dodging evil forces and trying to find out about my past lives-

im sorry, did you say lives? with an s?!
yes, im a reincarnation of, well, me...i know. its confusing.

anyway, aside from all that, i also have to find time to speak to love-of-my-life Daniel.

and just to clarify, because i know us readers are dying to there really this deep connection with Daniel? and is he really all good? because how i understand it is that he is a fallen angel.
well yes from the moment i saw Daniel i felt like we had a history...i just never imagined how long and complex that history was! and yes he is fallen, and only now is that starting to show...

okay, so now on to some easier questions. Favourite colour?
well i guess you could say black, because thats the colour i've been wearing practically every day. buuut i do like to wear pretty dresses occasionaly!

and do you have a motto you follow?
well Shelby and I did become in the habit of re-doing our hair every time we need to start fresh...right now mines blonde instead of black..that should give you a clue of what my life is like right now!

and at shoreline, which is the name of your new school, who are your friends?
well its a school for nephilim-the offspring of angels and humans- so i was pretty nervous what with me being all human and all. but apparently im a bit famous here, so i made some friends pretty quickly. but then theres Shelby, who im really close to but who hated me at first...

and can you give us an idea of what your next book, Passion, will be about?
well all i can say is that time and space wont matter, and that im gonna have to confront some complex stuff...

well, thanks for that Luce! And i hoped you liked the Character Interview!

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